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Investments in office premises in the TriCity are sprinting up like mushrooms, and their market is growing quickly. More and more Polish and international corporations decide to open their branches in our region. Hence, the demand for apartments for key management and executive personnel is growing. We are discussing the nuances of corporate rental with Agata Karolina Lasota, the owner and manager of the Lasota Business Consulting – Real Estate agency, which offers a broad range of modern apartments for rental of this type.
What is the difference between corporate and ordinary rental?

In the traditional form of rental, a landlord lets a flat directly to an individual. The owner usually has to take care of the technical condition of an apartment and needs to monitor its accounts and deadlines. In the event of corporate rental, direct parties of an agreement are corporations, companies, and large international and domestic businesses. Renting an apartment to an employee of a large international company means safety and the guarantee of constant revenues for the owner of a flat. A rent invoice is often paid by the same employer, which is an additional guarantee.

What are actual benefits from the corporate rental for an apartment owner?

A specialist agency is responsible for acquiring corporate entities that are interested in rental as well as for fulfilling documentation duties. A landlord does not need to look for a tenant alone. This saves his time and ensures permanent and certain revenues. An apartment to let is under constant control of the agency. The wear of a flat in the case of corporate rental is by far lighter than in the event of traditional rental, which results from the lifestyle of a tenant. I have to point out that my agency is proud of its high efficiency in the long-term rentals of premium apartments for businesses, which is at 92.6 per cent (the index for 2- and 3-room apartments in new investments with rent above PLN 3.000.00, commissioned for rental in the period of the last three years). Corporate rental has numerous advantages for businesses as well. For example, formal requirements are minimised. An apartment is adapted to the needs of business clients. It is fully equipped, furnished in a modern way, and its location is reputable. In most cases, a tenant can use additional facilities, for example a parking space in the underground garage or a recreational zone at the estate.

wynajem korporacyjny

What types of real estate are most popular in corporate rental?

I have specialised in corporate rental for 10 years and have monitored changes on the market. Today, the most popular real estate is located by the coast as well as in districts such as Gdańsk Oliwa, Przymorze, Wrzeszcz, and Śródmieście. Lasota Business Consulting- Real Estate has access to a broad portfolio of premium real estate, suitable to let for employees of corporations, starting from luxury detached houses at prestigious locations, to apartments in the centre of Gdańsk and Gdynia. We offer carefully selected real estate situated in best districts, with preference for modern buildings having in mind the proximity of business centres and schools.

Let’s assume that we have a premium apartment and want to find a suitable tenant? I come to Lasota Business Consulting and…?

And we will find a client for you quickly. We employ experienced and licensed agents who will assist you with their practical knowledge and support in the matters of rental, administrative and legal issues as well as in any and all matters related to a transaction. We have access to an updated database of Polish and foreign corporate clients, including most international businesses operating in the TriCity. At present, we are looking for apartments and houses in the TriCity for the period of 3 years, including for NATO officers from Poland, Canada, the US, and the Czech Republic as well as for other specialists of the IT sector and airlines. Moreover, our agency provides the comprehensive service of apartments, including the management, rental, and sale of premium apartments, investment, business, and legal consulting as well as interior designing and home staging. Summing up, the rental with Lasota Business Consulting – Real Estate means a minimum transaction risk, certain and constant revenues, fewer formal requirements, comfort, and time saving.

Author: Max Radke PRESTIGE 83 08/2017